Six Reasons Why You Should Learn First Aid

1. An Accident Could Be Around The Corner
Everybody knows that the future is uncertain. An accident can happen at any time, in any place. A quick look at our recent news items highlights the everyday nature of accidents that occur in our lives. You could be at home, playing sport, driving in your car or at work when misfortune may strike.

Every year for example, over 640,000 people experience at least one injury or illness at work (ABS 2011). Some of these injuries can be quite serious and include fractures, crush injuries and wounds. Accidents can and do happen to ordinary people and usually when we least expect it, so It pays to be prepared with First Aid training.

The Red Cross Society of Seychelles mourns the passing away of Mr. Patrick Dubel

Patrick, 46 years old, was an active Red Cross volunteer, and became a first aid instructor since 2006. He dedicated all his time to alleviating human suffering during the aftermath of the disaster resulting from the January 2013 Felleng Tropical Depression.

He assisted in carrying out assessments, collecting and delivering assistance and he was particularly touched by the plight of the vulnerable especially the elderly who found it difficult to cope with the situation.

President Address

World First Aid Day 13 September 2014  Address by Barbara Carolus- Andre President Red Cross Society of Seychelles Good morning to you all and special greetings to all First Aiders, First aid instructors and sponsors World First Aid Day is celebrated every year on the second Sat of September. 

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